We stock a wide range of sweets from old-fashioned sweets, retro sweets right up to contemporary nolvety sweets - we have something for everyone! With over 400 jars of pick and mix, and shelves full of sweets, chocolates, nougats, gifts, you will find certainly find something that you enjoy! Visit our Sweets Photo Gallery here!

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- Over 400 Traditional Sweet Jars
- Nostalgic Retro Range, including Wham bars and Fizz Whizz
- Chocolate, Toffee, Nougat and Fudge, including Gnaw chocolate
- Sugar-free/ Diabetic-Friendly Sweets
- Ice-cream
- Soft drinks, including Vanilla Coke and Jelly Belly flavours
- American novelty

Order Sweets from Darcy's Traditional Sweet Shoppe in Colchester

If you would like to order sweets from us or are looking for certain sweets, please contact 01206 761 541 or drop us a line on info@darcyssweetshoppe.co.uk. If we do not stock it, we will happily order them for you.

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