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The first Bubble Tea bar in Colchester is located in Darcy’s Traditional Sweet Shoppe, which opened its doors on 23 June 2016 and is still going strong today. There are so many bubbles and juice flavours to choose from! Also, 3 new surprise flavour juices!

We are proud of our exclusive products that are all gluten free and vegan. Not only refreshing but a complete joy to taste. We don’t do complicated menus. We keep it simple.

Just pick a juice available as a base flavour and then pick a bubble, or try having coconut jellies, if you don’t want the bursting bubbles 

Currently, we do not sell milk teas or tapioca. All are fruit flavours. Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink that you really must try at least once in a lifetime and bubble t bar is the place to do it. 

Our staff are knowledgable mixologists who are happy to help. On the drinks bar we also offer Fanta frozen 🥶 and sugar free slush puppies


Save the planet!

No more paper straws, bamboo all the way!

Have a sneak peak

To see what we have for offer, take a look at this video tour [Facebook video!]

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